at all levels!


I want to be very clear here! Fitness is a relative term. The path you are on to fitness through diet and exercise will have all sorts of turns and twists along the way. How you chose to move your body is exactly that – your choice!
Whether you chose walking your dog, hiking, biking, dancing, running, swimming and the list goes on… again, your choice! You are building the machine that will run on movement and diet.

I had no idea I was going to be a “triathlete”! I agreed to try one and got hooked. So, I can speak to a fitness that includes triathlon training. I can also speak to overall health fitness. I first lost the weight then began heavy training for triathlons and races. Getting yourself to the place where you can chose is key!

I highly advise you to find a group within your activity scope to join! Spending time with people who share “like interests” is very beneficial in many ways. Having someone to partake with, learning your craft from others more seasoned than you and having a certain level of accountability are a few.

I joined a nonprofit organization who’s focus is on donating to cancer research. For a tiny fee, you join for life and get two t-shirts with the club logo. Over 100% of your money goes directly to cancer research. The cost of the printing and shirts is divide up between two gentlemen that founded the organization. They consider that their donation. It is a great group of people to workout, celebrate, hangout and strategize with!

You will see me with the name screened on many of my articles of clothing!

The group is TRI4EVR. Please take a moment to check it out on-line at - watch the spelling! If you are in the area and are looking for a group to help you in any discipline this is it! Please come workout with us and share in the joys of our group workouts for athletes of all levels!

Tri4ever will always hold a special spot in my heart!! Thanks to everyone involved! They reduced my intimidation about triathletes!!

As I moved through my journey I found that moving everyday was infectious. It has become so ingrained in me that if I didn’t move I missed it!

Make your exercise part of your routine as you would brushing your teeth! Yes, there will be days your dark side will try to talk you out of it or justify not moving. Flex the mental muscles to fight those lethargic temptations!

I also sought out a personal trainer to fine tune my workouts for activities I grew to love other than triathlons. Kayaking, hiking, golf, and a vita courses to name a few. My personal trainer was amazing with tips on nutrition, setting up a “core” workout to accommodate my interests! Thanks Stephanie!!

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