Ground Zero

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Every journey has a starting point. To begin your journey I believe you must reach ground zero! At my Ground Zero I needed to prepare my self mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to truly begin!

I was on the wrong side of all health risks. I was knocking on diabetes door, had high blood pressure, cholesterol levels were very poor. All my joints ached. My self worth, self-esteem, self-concept and any other self hyphenated word had reached an all time low. My body hurt, moving around was cumbersome, slow and stiff.

I was sad. No, I mean really sad!

Many of you reading this understand the “sad”! Sadness is a gateway for so many negative thoughts, actions and words. It is a scary place to be. — I was there!

I was tired of the yo-yo diet game. I wanted to “keep it off this time”. But, how? My best friend Matt was my scout and pioneer. He research and selected a simple diet of whole foods and ways to boost your metabolism. He started on his journey with hope and optimism. I was skeptical of that lifestyle for myself even when I saw Matt’s results week after week. I wanted to think my body was “special” and wouldn’t accept a normal healthy approach. I think that is really fear rearing it’s ugly head.

Matt was losing weight, feeling terrific and looking healthier and healthier! While I continued my yo-yo style, Matt continued to gain health and lose pounds.

Several months after Matt began, I had a “goose bump” epiphany that led me to Ground Zero. I prepared, grabbed my self by the bootstraps and was truly ready to start my journey! I called Matt, he gladly introduced me to the way he had been eating and moving his body.

Matt had lost many pounds at this point and was looking and feeling fantastic!

My journey began in January of 2010. The photo of my wife and I at the top of the home page was taken a few days before I embarked. I weighed 372 pounds in that photo.


The photo above is my wife and I 18 months later at our first triathlon. I weighed 189 pounds in that photo.

Yes, through simple science of a nutritious diet, metabolic boosting and exercise I lost 183 pounds. I have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle since. I continue to celebrate “movement” and love the freedom my body has!

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