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When I decided to change my lifestyle, performing that change it in a nutritional way was paramount! My best friend had recently finished losing a significant amount of weight through a weight loss program called SlimGenics. They taught him a new way of eating that was not only healthy, it was sustainable for life! I was nervously excited to go give SlimGenics a look. What if it didn’t work for me? What if it was too hard? How expensive was it? Maybe I should just try again on my own which always failed due to my unhealthy knowledge about food.

I told my friend I was interested and he made me an appointment . Not expecting that I had to put my money where my mouth was and go.

I drove two hours to the Maple Grove SlimGenics and sat in Jennifer’s office with my best friend ( I requested he come with me). I still remember the tears of relief flowing down my face as she so confidently described her program. “Relief”, “Freedom” were the cheers inside my head. Finally I had done the smart thing and sought out professional, Nutritious and compassionate help!

Jennifer laid out a SlimGenics program that my heart surgeon approved of and I began my Journey with SlimGenics. By the end of my weight-loss portion the staff became like family to my wife and I who almost always accompanied me on the two hour weekly trek to Maple Grove. The SlimGenics staff celebrated my joys with me and stayed in constant contact to assure I was on track. They like to see you a few times a week, but due to my long drive and overweight back issues we agreed to meet once a week. SlimGenics understood my needs and my trials! They had been there! They knew this was not an easy road. They did everything to keep me motivated and assured that I was eating correctly.

Here’s the KICKER:

Ok, so they got me to lose weight right? Some studies show that 87% of all weight lost is re-gained back plus 10% within two years!

Nope, not SlimGenics. They are not a fad diet that drops you off the face of the earth after you loose! They are committed to nutrition and stay with you to make sure you have your new life under control. SlimGenics calls ┬áit “Balance” – I love that! They taught me how to manage the rest of my life including birthday cake and ice cream! I had the option to become a life long member and took it immediately! They will always be in my corner! Anytime I need them they are just a phone call away!

My life as you can see is completely different than it used to be. I owe a huge part of that to SlimGenics! I will always be grateful to them for my new body, mind and spirit. A special thanks to Jennifer!! – She made sure her staff treated folks like family!

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